Live Music

Carter has been playing for crowds since he was just 14 years old. He has played in worship bands and his own cover band, and now plays solo with just an acoustic guitar and loop station. Carter's goal is to create a welcoming and feel-good atmosphere using his music, adapting to any crowd or conditions that he is presented with.


What is Live-Looping?

Live looping is making use of a "loop station" to record the different parts of a song on the spot that can be played back to make a more full, band-like sound. Looping is very different from playing with backing tracks, as everything you hear is created live and is unique to the moment. 

What songs will you play?

I play songs across all generes and all time periods. Use this link to view an updated list of my basic setlist.

I am always open to requests, but I can't guarantee I will know or be able to play the song.

How long do you play?

Typical gigs are generally 2 or 3 hours, with 10-15 minute breaks between sets. 


Carter Rosales